Ambre IV Goes Into The Dark

“Into the Dark” is the aptly titled new song and video from UK artist Ambre IV. The talented singer showcases her impressive vocal range and ability while recounting a dark tale loaded with complicated and conflicting emotions.

Ambre IV

Over a churning EDM bass line and a deceptively singable melody, Ambre sings of a toxic relationship. However, this is not just another breakup song. She isn’t simply complaining about her cheating ex. On “Into the Dark,” she is literally fighting for her life.

Creative Imagery

The video creatively uses imagery from dance club drug culture to symbolize the singer’s recurring return to a dangerous situation. In the first scene she has two pills to choose from, one white and one black. She swallows the black pill, choosing to go into the dark.

From that point forward her situation gets trippy, and at times frightening. First, disembodied hands uninvitedly grope her. Then the abuser at the heart of the story puts his hands around her neck. Later we see her in fear and looking over her shoulder.

Complicated Emotions

This could all be attributed to healthy erotic fantasy. However, it is clear that this is a much darker story when Ambre sings, “Tempted to go back to you, when you only beat me black and blue. I don’t wanna die.”

That line in particular makes the last scene in the video all the more ominous as Ambre leans in to kiss her abuser. And the screen goes black.

“Into the Dark” is a smart and emotionally layered song from a talented young singer. This is Ambre IVs third recent single as a solo artist. It is also a dramatic stylistic departure from her earlier work in the acoustic duo “Smoke Rivers”. It will be exciting to see where she takes her music next.

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