The Love Guru Shakes Your Body

What’s more fun than the Jacksons?

That’s a trick question. Nothing is more fun than the Jacksons. So, what is as much fun as the Jacksons? Only one thing… a cover of the Jacksons’ “Shake Your Body” performed by a slightly insane Icelandic DJ named The Love Guru.

He is the alter-ego of EDM producer and radio programmer, Doddi. The comical Love Guru character was born on a radio show in Iceland in 2003. The next year he had the biggest song in Iceland. In the subsequent sixteen years he released a series of singles.

In 2019, the prolific producer released two albums, “Dance you fool, dance” in July and “Keep on dancing… you fool (The Remix Album)” in October. The song Blossi ’19 appeared on these pages in September.

The instant I heard “Shake Your Body,” I knew the Love Guru needed to make another appearance. The track starts with that iconic bass line, but this time in full techno mode. The Guru keeps it on the dance floor as a house beat kicks the rhythm into high gear.

Guest vocalist Eva Marie Glimmer’s excellent lead stays loyal to the original. It is a great anchor to history as the rest of the track jumps into the future. The song is a ton of fun. I particularly like when The Love Guru busts into a rap halfway through the song and rhymes “Michael Jackson” with “girl action.” Pure genius.

Check out “Shake Your Body” and follow the links below to connect with The Love Guru.






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