David Cummins Takes Us On A Deep Emotional Journey

David Cummins Takes Us On A Deep Emotional Journey 1

David Cummins

I did not know David Cummins before listening to his new album, “I Have Dreams.” However, I feel like I do now. The record is an intensely personal collection. Over the course of ten songs he shares his journey through heartache and healing.

In 2017, after the death of his partner, the UK artist began writing music as a form of catharsis. The resulting songs are both heartfelt and heartbreaking. His narrative and conversational lyrical style pull the listener into the story. We feel for him immediately.

Natural Flow

Whether it is intentional or circumstantial, the record flows progressively through the emotions and changes David experiences after his loss. Stylistically too, the record evolves.

The first few tracks on “I Have Dreams” remind me of classic singer/songwriter pop standards. Songs like “I Bought You Flowers” and “You’ll Live Forever” hearken back to a time when melody and story were the two central components to songwriting.

As the record progresses the themes move from grief to gratitude. David delivers touching stories of appreciation on “Thanks” and “Being Your Dad.” Later, the tracks become less autobiographical and take more of a worldview. Songs like “I Have Dreams” and “Madman” turn a critical eye on the state of the world, and a particular orange-haired demagogue in DC.

Learning to Fly

By this time the record has expanded musically from its quiet piano beginnings to sprawling Classic Rock arrangements. David is a multi-instrumentalist and plays much of the music on the record himself. However, he did collaborate with lead guitarist Calum Robertson of The Pink Floyd Show UK, one of the top Pink Floyd tribute acts in the world. His David Gilmour inspired leads are unmistakable and add a rich texture to the record.

“I Have Dreams” is an album in its truest sense. It is a beautiful piece of work that carries the listener through a sincere and emotional journey.

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