Temperature Falls Drop “Zuzu’s Petals” – And Tease More

I look forward to Temperature Falls’ releases. We’ve been lucky enough to follow the prolific Norwegian Trip-hop duo’s evolution over the past year. They introduced themselves to the world early in 2019 with their self-titled nine-song debut. It blended the sounds of their Alternative Rock influences like Radiohead and The Cure, with a unique downtempo electronic groove.

In September the band followed with a dark and moody cover of the Deftones Alt-Metal classic “Knife Prty.” They further expanded their breadth and depth on that track, while continuing to define their progressive trip-hop sound.

“Zuzu’s Petals” is the brand new single from producer Ian J Ward and vocalist Camilla. Once again the team pulls disparate influences together to both solidify and redefine their sound.

With its Frank Capra inspired title and psychedelic intro, the trippy stage is set early on. Like “Knife Prty”, a simple electronic beat and ethereal synths comprise the bulk of the backing track. However, where their earlier songs found inspiration in Alternative Rock, “Zuzu’s Petals” introduces an underlying R&B vibe.

It is a subtle twist to the Temperature Falls palette. And it may not be immediately noticeable. But the vocal style and pacing have a definitive smooth R&B lean. For instance, listen to Camilla’s phrasing when she sings, “I’m holdin, holdin, holdin… losin my grip.”

If Toni Braxton got high and cut a track with Morcheeba, this is what it would sound like. That is a crazy analogy, But man, it would be cool if it happened.

“Zuzu’s Petals” is a taste of Temperature Falls’ second album and it is definitely cause for excitement. They tell me there is more new music coming very soon. So, check out the song and follow the links below to connect with the band and stay in the know.





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