The Keymakers “Spectra” – A Triumph In Both Form And Substance

The Keymakers

I was first turned on to The Keymakers last month with the release of their single “California in the Sun.” Over a mellow groove the song fantasized about disappearing into the West Coast horizon. You can read about it here.

The Keymakers

The talented duo of brothers Rome Alexander and Rederic are back. Their debut EP “Spectra” is now available on all major streaming services. The seven-song record continues and expands on the chill vibes and positive energy of the single. However, this is not formulaic feel good electronic music. Lyrically and musically, The Keymakers’ sound is rich and layered.

Throughout the record they combine the best elements of EDM, Pop, and R&B into a uniquely creative style. The production surprises at every turn. For example, the songwriting team takes chances. From the opening percussive synth arpeggios of “Home” to the cool sampled vocal effects on the record’s emotionally complex closer “Remember,” they defy expectations.

The triumph of Spectra is in its ability to remain cohesive and accessible amidst all the experimental production techniques. The brothers make music that is simultaneously substantive and entertaining. That’s no small feat. For instance, “The Light” pieces together so many rich elements and sounds, I wouldn’t begin to try to tag a genre label on it. However, it doesn’t matter. Because the song is beautiful.

The Things That Shape You

Rederic says, “Each song on the EP tells a story. A lot of times, life is about finding who we are and making sense of the things we deal with on a day-to-day. You get to a place where you realize the difference between trying to be who you want to be and embracing yourself for who you actually are. This EP is about that path and the things that shape you along the way.”

Listen to “Spectra” on Spotify, and follow the links below to connect with The Keymakers.






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