Todd Barrow Is “Runnin In Circles,” Looking For His Love

Todd Barrow

Todd Barrow first appeared here back in October with the release of his song, “One More Chance.” With that song we got to know a talented artist with a modern Country sound. Todd is a musician who keeps one eye on Nashville and the other on Mainstream Pop and Rock charts.

The singer’s new release is an excellent example of that same sensibility. “Runnin in Circles” finds him pining for a lover who is both literally and figuratively lost. Once again Todd successfully straddles the two musical worlds of Country and Pop. As a result, his new single is a universally relatable tale of heartache. And it is set to a memorable and instantly familiar melody

An electric piano and acoustic guitar combination set the foundation. The instrumental track showcases Barrow’s ease with Pop song structure. The composition and recording style immediately bring to mind the sound of some classic 80’s ballads, a-la Richard Marx or Reo Speedwagon.

Drums, bass, and a touch of organ complete ensemble. The production is tasteful and uncluttered. Each musician leaves plenty of room for Todd’s smooth tenor. His voice has just enough twang to let you know this is Country music. The singer delivers an easy and personal style with impeccable technique.

Todd Barrow Style

The familiarity we hear in his voice and songwriting style stem from his sincere approach to the music. Todd says. “I try to get to the real heart and soul of a song. To me, it’s not just words but a story. I do my best to portray that with every line. That’s my main draw to country music. The stories, the people, and the sincerity that comes from the heart.”

Check out “Runnin In Circles.” Follow the links below to connect with Todd.