TheRedSafari Gets Trippy on the New “No Casanova”

TheRedSafari Gets Trippy on "No Casanova"

“No Casanova” is the debut single from San Francisco rapper, TheRedSafari. With a massive boom kick and some psychedelic vocal effects, the artist introduces his new brand of trippy funk.

The song opens to a robotic keyboard melody. It sounds like it could be the opening sequence music of some hot new Science Fiction of a sci-fi movie. A rhythmic techno bassline churns out eighth notes as the tracks builds into a beat.

A trap beat drives the tune as the kick and the bass hit subterranean levels. I really like the organ riffs that float around in the background. They add to the Trance feel of the song. The robotic synth sounds from the intro come in and out of focus, to the same effect.

However, the most significant component of “No Casanova’s” head-trip is the vocal track. TheRedSafari raps overlapping instances of the songs main verse. Meanwhile, a ping-pong delay effect bounces key phrases from the lyric on the beat. There are some great lines and i really like his delivery. There a touch of autotune, but not too much. It makes for a nice transition between stanzas.

TheRedSafari’s “No Casanova” is an exciting debut. Check it out on Spotify and follow the links below to connect with the artist.




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