“Fantasyland” – DifferentPersonas Drops 12 Hot New Tracks

DifferentPersonas first appeared here last month upon the release of the single,”Beautiful Love Song.” That track marries a Spanish guitar with a mellow Trap beat. It was an excellent introduction to the DifferentPersonas crew.

We didn’t have to wait long for a follow-up release. DifferentPersonas new album “Fantasyland” is now available, streaming for free on SoundCloud. The twelve-song record delves further into the genre-bending downtempo Trap we heard on the first single.


The album’s lead-off title track explores an imaginary world of sexual fantasies, sex dolls and slow jams. Middle Eastern flutes and synths play over mellow Trap beat. The ensemble cast sings and raps between pitch-shifted samples of Chris Tucker, and a touch of porn. Ultimately the song has a cool, sexy groove.

About the album the artist says, “Honestly, this is just a young black man’s thoughts. Bad break-ups sums it up.” Despite the negative inspiration, in the end his message is positive. He says, “Discover. Explore. Be yourself. Stop hating because you think someone is flyer than you.”

Check out “Fantasyland” on SoundCloud and follow the links below to connect with DifferentPersonas.