Mayumi Says Goodbye, Good Boy… And Hello, World

Mayumi Says Goodbye, Good Boy... And Hello, World 1

“Goodbye, Good Boy” is the sound of a young woman just getting started on a new life. And, unfortunately for the ‘Good Boy’ of the song title, it is also her farewell to the past.


The young woman at the heart of the story is the monoymous nineteen year-old singer/songwriter, Mayumi. Fortunately for us, the Gainesille, Florida native’s new life includes the launch of a music career. “Goodbye, Good Boy” is the singer’s debut single. However, the production, composition and performance all belie her young age.

The track opens with some really nice melodic acoustic guitar. For a moment it sounds a bit like something from Joni Mitchell or some similar jazzy folkster from the past. But once the beat drops, the song lands firmly in the 21st century.

The guitar remains the central instrument throughout the track. However, the hip-hop beat and low synth bass are eventually joined by a series of transient loops and instruments. The supporting players pepper the sound of this smart and catchy tune. I particularly like the break in the bridge which sounds like a ukulele dueting with a steel drum.

The song’s creative production is cool, but Mayumi’s voice is what really brings it all together. She sings with the technique and style of an artist with far more experience. Her lead is confident and sincere. There are also some really nice subtle background harmonies.

Confusion of Young Love

The lyrics paint a picture familiar to anyone who knows the indecision and confusion inherent to young love. Even as she is saying goodbye to her boy, she tries to convince him to win her back. It is a clever song, full of mixed messages like the line, “I’d die for you, would you die for me? Tell me later.”

“Goodbye, Good Boy,” is the sound of a young woman with a life ahead of her… and a good boy behind her. Listen to the song on Spotify and follow the links below to see what Mayumi’s future has in store.





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