HIE’s Excellent New Genre-Hopping Syncopated Pop


Call him Derek Wilkinson, call him HIE, or call him the Human Instinct Ensemble. By any other name, he is the singer/songwriter, producer and creative force behind the new EP “All Things, Athena.” HIE’s new single is “Koufax,” a complex and layered Pop song that’s as smart as it is entertaining. The song incorporates elements […]

Juic3 Teases New Barbi3 World


We first heard from Modern R&B singer Juic3 back in October. That is when she released the video for her song “Same.” The song was a stark R&B groove with elements of Trip-Hop. In recent weeks, Juic3 has been teasing a new release. The promotions have come in the form of cryptic Instagram posts. Each […]

Tony Allen Drops The Beat On “Naughty Girls”

Tony Allen Drops The Beat On "Naughty Girls" 1

Tony Allen is a UK-based DJ and a music producer with a penchant for dance-inducing house music. Every few months he releases a new track. With each song, Tony has the club in mind. Allen’s latest is the song and video “Naguhty Girls.” The track opens with the unmistakable staccato jabs of House music piano […]