HIE’s Excellent New Genre-Hopping Syncopated Pop

Call him Derek Wilkinson, call him HIE, or call him the Human Instinct Ensemble. By any other name, he is the singer/songwriter, producer and creative force behind the new EP “All Things, Athena.”

HIE’s new single is “Koufax,” a complex and layered Pop song that’s as smart as it is entertaining. The song incorporates elements of Latin, Dance and R&B music to create a rich foundation. A smooth R&B lead vocal weaves together baseball analogies and the story of a troubled and complicated relationship.

The track opens with a nylon stringed Spanish guitar and a soft solo vocal. At first it feels as though this may be a romantic slowjam. However, about thirty seconds in, the beat starts. From that point, the song is carried forward by a complex rhythm. Syncopated loops overlap one another and move together as the beat evolves.

It is a cool sound. R&B melodies and EDM breakbeats work their way in and out of the mix. The vocals are excellent, and I really like the way they are mixed. HIE treats the vocal track like an instrument, changing its sound to match the mood of the song.

“Koufax” is a great song that blends genres into a rich and infectious mix. Listen on SoundCloud and follow the links below to connect with the artist.

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