Tony Allen Drops The Beat On “Naughty Girls”

Tony Allen is a UK-based DJ and a music producer with a penchant for dance-inducing house music. Every few months he releases a new track. With each song, Tony has the club in mind.

Allen’s latest is the song and video “Naguhty Girls.” The track opens with the unmistakable staccato jabs of House music piano chords. It doesn’t take long before the beat and bass line join the mix. The dance rhythm starts there and never stops.

The video for “Naughty Girls” features, girls. Five beautiful young women carry out a choreographed dance routine on the roof of a skyscraper. There is nothing in the video to implicate them as naughty, as they move to the music of Tony Allen.

The music grooves along over an infectious House music beat. There is a brief verse sung by a soulful male lead vocal. However, the star of the show is that beat. There is a nice instrumental break in the bridge as well. I can already hear the remixes that will be spawned from the beats-only sections later in the song.

Check out the video for “Naughty Girls” and follow the links below to connect with Tony.





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