Dinoz Releases A Mellow Monsoon


Dinoz is a brand new Canadian music producer on the scene. Specializing in Electronica and Chillwave music, the artist has released two singles so far. First was the aptly titled track, “Electric Life.” His latest single is the mellow downtempo electronic instrumental, “Monsoon.”

By the title, “Monsoon” implies an ocean setting. The song does not disappoint. With minimalist synths, a mellow beat and some atmospheric effects Dinoz paints an oceanic scene.

The track starts with mellow synths and the sounds of electronic waves. It reminded me of the calm before the storm. Or I should say, monsoon. I really enjoy the laid back beat of the song. It felt like the beach. Distant flute and synth sounds contribute to the song’s ocean feel. The song has a great vibe that transports you oceanside.

Dinoz is a twenty-one year old producer from Toronto. He just recently started putting out music. He says, “I love making melodic and atmospheric sounds that give off a calm energy. I have an EP planned to release sometime in the summer of 2020. Which will have a new direction of sound and genre.”

Check out Monsoon on Spotify, and follow the links below to connect with the artist.




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