DJ Dee Kimble Lifts You Up On “Take Mine”

DJ Dee Kimble Lifts You Up On "Take Mine" 1

On “Take Mine” DJ Dee Kimble says, “Ya’ll ain’t seen nobody like me in awhile.”

He speaks the truth. On his latest single, Dee and collaborator Street Costello conjure some of the best vibes of Hip-Hop’s past. The song’s positive message marries the motivational rhymes of classic Rap with a nice groove and modern sounds.

Kimble takes his cue from old-school legends like KRS One and Chuck D. He’s not just rapping. He’s educating. This is the sound of a man who has found his purpose, and he wants to help you do the same.

The artist explains it this way, “Somewhere in life we had lost something. We were all told that there is only a chosen few that can become leaders and the rest are followers and soon we give up on our dreams and visions. But the truth is we all are made to be leaders.”

There is a lot to love about this song. Sure it has positivity and spirituality, but it’s also funky. The downtempo groove has some nice Chill-hop elements. The strings and piano reminded me of smooth Soul and R&B classics of the 1970’s. And although there is a lot of old-school in the tune, the beat is built on the new-school sounds of a tight snare and fat bass and kick.

“Take Mine” has some heavy subject matter, but in the end it will lift you up. Or, as DJ Dee Kimble says, “Try to take me down but through it I still smile.”

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