Bombur – Cool Moods And Minimalist Grooves On Initial Contact

Bombur - Cool Moods And Minimalist Grooves On Initial Contact 1

“Initial Contact” is the appropriately titled debut EP release from the new Swedish music producer and composer, Bombur. Both in style and subject matter, the four songs in the collection flow together on a theme.

Over minimalist beats and synths the record tells the tale of the different phases of a failing relationship. Throughout the EP, Bombur incorporates elements of various downtempo Electronic musical genres. He sets a low and slow musical scene as a series of female vocalists beautifully lament a lost romance.

The record opens with the retro keys and a slow Trap-inspired beat of “Been Waiting.” The sprawling synth sound brings to mind 1980’s somber Alt-Pop of Berlin. The sound of the EP evolves through musical styles gradually from there. As the songs progress, Bombur introduces elements of modern and classic Electronic, Alternative and Pop styles.

For example, “Look at Us Now” maintains some of the Synthwave vibe but introduces a modern Lo-fi beat. Musically the track reminds me of some of Peter Gabriel’s early solo stuff. “Leave Tomorrow” follows, with a beautiful melody as the record’s soundscape grows increasingly more intimate. The expansive synths have faded and been replaced by quiet piano chords and a Hip-hop beat.

Finally, the lush and creative St. Vincent style harmonies of “What’s Left of It?” quietly close out the record over a sparse beat and economically employed piano and synths. It is a beautiful sound.

Bombur’s “Initial Contact” is an exciting introduction to a talented new producer. Check out the EP on Spotify and follow the links below to connect with the artist.





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