Steve Williams “Big Dreams Small City” – An Adventurous Success

Steve Williams

Steve Williams is an interesting dude. For one, as an international model, his career takes him all over the globe. The photos on his Instagram profile look as though they come from the pages of Condé Nast Traveler magazine. His work sites are not the only interesting locales in Williams’ life. Although he is a native of Cleveland, he now calls South Korea home.

Somehow, amidst all of the globe trotting, Steve is also able to find time to create. In addition to his cool day job, he is also an artist and music producer. His new album “Big Dreams Small City” is as exotic as the destinations stamped on his passport.

The eight-song collection of instrumentals is a rich patchwork of musical styles. To label it a single genre would not be fair to the complexities of form and style between the grooves. The record comes from a Jazz mindset. Intricate piano lines play point/counterpoint with overlapping saxophone riffs and syncopated beats. But that is really just the starting point. From there the album delves into Nu Jazz, Acid Jazz, Chillhop and Triphop.

New Musical Regions

“Big Dreams Small City” takes us across borders and into new musical regions. We end up at a place in which Smooth Jazz bands are met with Jungle House breakbeats (“Tobacco for Breakfast”). It is a place where a Glen Miller-style big band gradually morphs into robotic electronica (“Gilmore”).

Songs with titles like “Frozen Skittles” and “Pot to Piss In,” combine complicated multi-layered jazz melodies with modern Hip-hop beats. Experimental electronic production techniques introduce EDM and IDM elements. It makes for a fun listen. But the record’s real success lies in Williams’ ability to create something cohesive and beautiful from such disparate sources. A common creative intent flows through these songs and ties them together thematically.

“Big Dreams Small City”is now available on all major streaming services. Listen here and follow the links below to connect with Steve Williams.





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