Plateau – A Cool Bit Of Trans-Atlantic Zen

Most of the time here on the blog I write about the music of other independent artists. However, on occasion I like to update you on my own projects as well. Today, I get to do both at the same time. UK artist Equalisation and I are releasing a brand new collaboration. And I am very excited about it!

Equalisation is a composer and producer, otherwise known as Tim Pitt. Regular readers will recognize the name from his single “Lampedusa.” It was featured here at StaticDive.com back in October. Shortly after that article was published, Tim approached me with the idea of writing a song together. As a fan of his music, I was immediately on board with the idea.

I live in New York. That is a long way from England. Fortunately we have the Interwebs. Once we worked out the file transfer logistics, the project was underway. Tim sent me some ideas and I sent others back to him. Eventually ideas became beats, basslines and melodies.


As it turns out, despite an ocean between us, personally and professionally, the two middle aged hippie music geeks behind The Static Dive and Equalisation have a lot in common. The creative process continued smoothly for a couple of weeks. Then, one title change and a few remixes later, “Plateau” was born.

The track is a trippy instrumental bit of downtempo Electronica. I love it. It will be released to all major streaming services in January. However, because Tim is awesome he has already created a video which you can check out right now.


Tim says, ”From my point of view it was the perfect collaboration. I really enjoy bouncing ideas with other people and it brought out the best of my abilities too. One of the things I like to achieve is creating a simple track that fills a space. Simplicity is not always an easy thing to do. But because I had such great raw ingredients to begin with It really pushed me to add my contribution to the project. And within no time with a little back and forth we ended up with one of the best tracks I personally have been involved with.”

So, check out the video and follow the links below to connect with Equalisation.

Connect With Equalisation…

Artist’s Website