Bulb On A Wire – Alex Ga Continues To Expand And Transform His Sound

Alex Ga - Bulb on a Wire

Earlier this year, Alex Ga decided to give music another go. After years of doing other things, the singer/songwriter from Cyprus got back into the business of singing and writing songs. Once he had a song ready he hit the studio. He released it as a single in July and hasn’t looked back since.

That first song was called “Find You.” It was a mostly-acoustic Modern Rock ballad. At the time it reminded me of a mellow offering from the otherwise grungy Alice in Chains. Next came “Sinner,” a risky and rewarding song which combined Rock, Pop and Electronic elements. And just last month, Alex released his third song “Uloveme2.” It was an almost entirely Electronic Pop song.

From a listener’s perspective, all of this genre hopping has definitely kept things interesting. We’ve been able to follow along as a new artist discovers, develops and defines his sound. I imagine the exploration has been even more exciting for Alex. On his new single “Bulb on a Wire,” all of the Rock, Pop and Electronic elements on his previous singles converge into a mellow and emotionally complex love song.

“Bulb on a Wire” is a short song. However, in just over 2:11 the track builds from a quiet piano and strings intro to an Electro-Pop song with a funky Dance beat. In the meantime, Alex sings of a confused relationship. There is a catchy synth melody refrain, which I like. And Alex’s voice is more confident than on previous outings. The result is a emotionally effective vocal performance.

Check out “Bulb on a Wire” here, and follow the links below to connect with Alex.






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