Widen Explores The Box Of Life


Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Widen is Edwin Andermyr. He is a songwriter, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Last year the bedroom producer began composing his own music, inspired by the Indie Pop and Bedroom Pop movement.

On the 22nd of December Widen released his first full-length album, “Box of Life.” The record’s lead single is the trippy dream-pop title-track. The meditative tune floats just above the æther on a cloud of reverberated guitar chords. It’s a beautiful and psychedelic sound which lands somewhere between Jazz, Surf Rock and a very mellow Jimi Hendrix.

A simple lo-fi beat and a minimal bassline hold the Stratocaster aloft as Widen meditates on the Zen of life on Earth. The song was inspired by his encounter with homeless woman. Despite having nothing, she lived a content and spiritual life. Her incessant smile and positive attitude inspired the artist to look through her eyes, at the rest of us.

Andermyr says of the woman, “Oh man she made my day, and I still question a lot of things because of her. How dare we whine about anything, looking at that being. It’s raw, it’s powerful, I hope that’s what the song does to you.”

Widen created the “Box of Life” song and album with sound engineer and sound designer/musician Alexander Heige. It is a great listen and an exciting introduction to a new artist. Check the single out here and follow the links below to connect with the artist.


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Box of Life