Nostromo And Gilda Betancourt Deliver Sexy “Control”

Nostromo and Gilda Betancourt


Boston’s Nostromo has appeared on these pages before. Also known as Jeremiah Martinez, the EDM musician, composer and producer was featured on StaticDive.com in November upon the release of his debut single, “Love Me Tonight.” The song was a collaboration with singer Alia Strong. It moved along on a low, late night dancefloor groove which perfectly matched Alia’s sultry vocals. The track was the first release from Nostromo’s forthcoming album, “Love Songs to Die 2”.

Jeremiah is back with the follow-up single, “Control.” On the song, he is once again collaborating with powerful female vocalist who sings a tale of sex and complex emotions. The singer is Gilda Betancourt.

Gilda Betancourt

On “Control” she displays broad emotional and vocal range. She shifts smoothly between a delicate soprano and a throaty tenor, sometimes in the same sentence. Gilda is unapologetic as she sings of submitting to the influence of her lover. It is a powerful and unexpected story which works perfectly with Nostromo’s layered Deep House production.

The low and slow House groove pairs the tight rhythm and bass with Martinez’s signature ethereal sound. Big reverb synths flow around the edges of the track as Gilda’s soulful vocals pull us into her experience. Nostromo does an excellent job of separating the individual instruments in the song while creating a wide, spacious sound around the beat.

“Control” and “Love Me Tonight” are exciting precursors to Nostromo’s upcoming album. Check the song out here and follow the links below to connect with the artist.