Lonr Debuts With The Excellent Hard-Hitting “Coma”


“Coma” is the debut single from Alternative/Pop artist, Lonr. Though this is the first we’ve heard from the solo musician, his sound comes fully formed. He describes his music as, “dark, emotional, and all too real.” It is definitely an apt description. However, as he deals in some emotionally dark territory, he does so with a keen Pop sensibility and hard hitting Rock and Electronic chops.

Lonr’s “Coma” was released on December 29th. About the song, the artist says “My music is about pain and grief, it’s about loss but it’s also about self reflection, and trying to find comfort in those darker feelings that we all struggle with. From my mom passing away, my dad leaving, struggling with depression, failed relationships, it’s everything people don’t want to hear but also can’t stop listening to because it’s those things that make you feel really alive”.

As I said, he is dealing in some emotionally dark territory. And, in listening to “Coma” we definitely feel that. But, that is only after getting lost in the track’s massive and infectious groove. Digital and analog percussion instruments bang out a tribal beat. A big, fat and dirty synth bass drops at key points throughout the track and you immediately feel the weight of the tune.

Vocally, Lonr sings in a low chill tone at first. The groove takes only a temporary break to make room for a quiet moment before the chorus. Here the singer shows impressive range as he flows from his almost spoken-word verse into this really beautiful melodic and harmonic build. The rhythm hits hard again in the chorus as the singer belts out an emo-style rock wail. The emotion is inescapable as he screams, “Please don’t pull the plug, pump me full of drugs.”

“Coma” is an excellent song and a very exciting debut by an artist from whom I am certain we will be hearing again soon. Check the song out here and follow the links below to connect with Lonr.





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