Lukas Vui Tells A Tragic Tale On “I Don’t Love Myself”

Lukas Vui

Lukas Vui’s story is a sign of the times, and a sad commentary on the political state of the world. He is sharing his tale the only way he knows how, through music.

Although a German citizen on paper, Vui has always considered his true home to be in the United States. However, in recent years he has twice lived in America and then been denied access to its borders. Lukas lived in Chicago, first as a student and then as a working musician. Ultimately he was deported for lack of a valid visa. Separated from his American girlfriend and friends, he was determined to return.

Eventually Lukas made it back to the United States. Starting with only $200 in his bank account, he was able to establish himself in Los Angeles. He had a life, with his own apartment and a successful career. He was paying the bills making music. However, his success was short-lived. After taking a brief trip back to Europe to see his family, the artist was denied re-entry to his adopted home.

Lukas’ heartbreaking new single “I Don’t Love Myself” tells the tragic tale. On the tack, the singer relays the effect the saga has had on his state of mind. Over a Trap beat he sings of being lost and alone in a country he does not consider home. Synths and guitars paint a moody scene. In a style that is part Pop and part Emo he delivers lines like, “I see my life turning to ashes in front of my eyes,” and “ever since they took my home away I wanna cry.”

Lukas says he draws inspiration from Juice WRLD, XXXTENTACION and NF. He mixes elements of melodic trap and conventional pop to illustrate some of the most painful moments in his life.

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