Best Jams for an Enjoyable Hike

Best Jams for an Enjoyable Hike

This guest post is by Michalowaga.

A walk through your neighborhood is one thing, an enjoyable hike out in the wilderness is another. Nothing quite beats a hike up in the distant hills on a good day. The feeling of being out in nature, discovering new places, and pushing your body beyond its limits is just amazing. You may enjoy a hike once or twice every month, or it may be something you do often.

An Enjoyable Hike

With a good hike, you can test what you’re truly made of. Whether you’re alone hiker or part of a pack, a good hike can be rewarding and pleasurable to say the list. Pick a day when the forecast says it will be a good day and head out. Plan in advance and research that new place you heard of from a friend. Bring that friend along and make it an awesome bonding experience.

A good hike is never complete without some catchy tunes. It may seem nice at first to just listen to the sounds of nature and the wild outdoors. But after some time, when you start getting tired and star-eyed, blasting some good jams on your headphones can be the boost you need to finish the hike. Yes, it’s important to disconnect from the world of technology and get some peace and some quiet, but good music can be therapeutic too, especially if you listing to some chill out stations.

Think it through and even turn hiking into an around the world trip. Some great hiking spots are definitely bucketlist worthy. From home to every continent in the world, get a map and have a plan then create a top playlist to get you through this journey of a lifetime.

Best Hiking Playlist

Start your playlist with ‘In My Feelings’ by Drake to have you dancing up that trail that leads to one amazing view. You can take part in the ‘Keke’ challenge and have your friends film it as you keep walking. Continue thumping to Drake’s amazing music with ‘God’s Plan’ with its hilarious intro that will keep your spirits high every step of the way.

Make sure your playlist doesn’t lack the magic touch of Migos ‘Motorsport’. This tune will have you scaling that distant like its nothing at all. Feel like the greatest in the world with The Carters ‘Apeshit’. These are the beats that will make you put one foot in front of the other no matter how tired you get.

Let Kendrick Lamar ‘Humble’ have you racing to meet that target and behold that view at the top. Mix in ‘Bodak Yellow’ Cardi B., and ‘DNA’ Kendrick Lamar to carry you through the last few meters as you can already behold the end of the hike. ‘Paris’ Chain Smokers is the beat to blast as you bask in the glory of such a great accomplishment. Feel the adrenaline pumping as you take in the view that is before you.

Nothing beats a good hike. Find a new destination, get your playlist together and set out to concur it! You only live once!