Benny Bau Bau’s Beats For A New Decade

Benny Bau Bau is a New York based producer with a cool name and even cooler beats. He just dropped a new collection on SoundCloud called “late 10s.” It is full of big fat saturated sounds, retro synths and crazy creative samples. It is a funky and fun bunch of tunes.

The rising lofi newcomer describes the mixtape as psychedelic vapor wave in honor of the new decade. Benny Bau Bau delivers a playful, unique and versatile production style. His SoundCloud bio simply says, “love doing this.” He’s not lying. You can hear the artist having fun on these tracks. And, it is infectious.

He takes chances and makes a lot of unconventional choices. In every case, his adventurous technique works. For instance, one of the tracks is a barely recognizable cover of “Hunger Strike” by Temple of the Dog. That description may not sound like an endorsement, but it is. Benny’s take on the tune (featuring Maya Feyzo-Perlman) sounds like a lofi electronic transmission from outer space. Cool stuff.

There are fourteen cuts in the collection. I’ve included a couple of favorites here. Above is a trippy little video for the opening track “Are We There Yet.” It is 59 seconds of psychedelic scenes and a good groove. Below is “CYNA.” From its old school intro beat to its vaguely exotic melodies and unique sampling, it is an excellent example of the Benny Bau Bau sound.

Check out Benny’s profile on SoundCloud for the full set of tunes. Follow the links below to connect with the artist. Stay in the loop on his current and future projects.

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Benny Bau Bau