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We first heard from GemTracks.com a couple of months ago. There you can buy beats for your own productions. The site is the brainchild of producer, singer and songwriter, Jesse Neo. The talented young British-Australian is a classically trained musician and composer. At eighteen he was already finding success in the music business, after creating hundreds of songs and beats. The idea for Gemtracks came when Jesse started getting a lot of requests from labels, artists and YouTube channels asking him to compose beats for them.

Gemtracks is an online store that sells beats. Each beat is sold exclusively. The buyer gets the full copyright and ownership. The site has already done very well and Neo has plans to soon turn it into a marketplace where other producers can sell their own beats.

Neo says, “When I realized Gemtracks was actually generating sales, I called all my producer friends and we started mass producing beats for the website together. We are close to having 1000 beats available at this very moment.”

Buy Beats

Buy Beats

Beats are normally priced up to $600. However, the site recently announced a Winter sale. You can now get your beats for 50% off. Whether you’re producing YouTube videos, a Podcast, or your own original Hip-Hop tracks… you need beats.

So, follow the links below. Head over to GemTracks.com and get some great deals on top quality beats.


Buy Beats


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