Todd Barrow Says, “Country’s Just Cooler”

Todd Barrow

We’ve heard from Todd Barrow before, at StaticDive.com. The Dallas/Fort Worth based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist has released a steady string of singles over the past few years. He has been kind enough to share a few of them with us. In October we featured his single “Give Me a Chance Tonight,” and in December he gave us “Runnin in Circles.” Now Todd is back with a Country rocker made for the honky tonk. “Country’s Just Cooler” makes a convincing argument to support its thesis.

I’ve gotten to know Todd’s music pretty well. He maintains some high standards. For instance, the man knows how to write a radio-ready, modern Country song. He delivers his tunes with healthy doses of Pop fun and Rock energy. But make no mistake about it, this is Country music. On his new single, Todd makes sure we know exactly where he stands on the matter.

One of my favorite things about “Country’s Just Cooler” is that the band is arranged like a traditional Garage Rock outfit. The no-nonsense ensemble consists of bass, drums, vocals and a couple of guitars. But these guys aren’t playing any Rolling Stones covers. There is plenty of twang in those two-string guitar bends. And there is enough Texas in Todd’s voice to let you know that the sentiment in the song is sincere.

“Country’s Just Cooler” is a fun song and would sound right at home on modern Country radio. Check the tune out here and follow the links below to connect with Todd.

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