On Tracy Lane’s Rock & Roll Redemption on “Back To Maybe”

Darryn Yates’ story is a familiar one. Fifteen years ago he was a struggling rocker trying to get major label attention for his band On Tracy Lane. Like thousands of others, he moved to the cities that mattered. First in Los Angeles and then in Nashville, figuratively and literally he banged on the doors of the major labels. On Tracy Lane opened for national acts, signed small label deals & tours, traveled overseas to play for the US troops, released CDs and cut music videos. Despite his efforts though, Darryn never broke through to the major labels.

Since those days the music industry has experienced a sea change. The old guard was dragged, kicking and screaming, into our new online entertainment world. Prior to the streaming revolution, a small group of disconnected millionaires determined what music made it to retail and radio. Today, radio is just one of a dozen platforms and traditional brick and mortar stores are all but extinct. Now independent artists can affordably produce, distribute, and promote their own music and reach real fans. It is just as hard as ever to make it really “big,” but reaching that level is no longer the only option.

Eventually Darryn settled down with a wife and kids and went to work nine to five. However, he kept his eye on the changing record business. By 2020 he saw a new music industry in full bloom. After a series of professionally disappointing “normal” jobs, he decided to dive head first into the new world of indie music with his band On Tracy Lane.

Of the move he says, “With my wife’s blessing, I am now returning to my music full-time. Making this happen is the only option. I just re-released a song of mine called ‘Back to Maybe’… I don’t have much of a budget, yet. So I decided to shoot a “home family” rock video!”

Darryn refers to On Tracy Lane as “Retro Rock/Pop.” It is an apt description. “Back to Maybe” sounds like the hit it probably should have been fifteen years ago. Infectious hooks are paired with an air-tight back beat rhythm. Vocally Darryn has the chops of an experienced professional, which he is. Slick guitar licks drive the tune in a perfect early 2000’s Pop/Punk tone. The video is a ton of fun. Darryn’s wife and kids sing back-up vocals and dance randomly as he rocks out in their suburban home.

Check out the video for “Back to Maybe,” and follow the links below to connect with Darryn Yates and On Tracy Lane. Follow them on their journey into the future of music.






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