Qubism Re-Shapes EDM On His Excellent New EP


UK producer, Qubism is on a mission to reinvent dance music. “Shapes” is the artist’s brand new EP for 2020. And it is definitive evidence that the plan is working. The four song collection introduces complexities of composition that far surpass the typical subwoofer thump of a rave DJ mix. These tracks are concepts set to beats. Qubism creates intricate melodies and rhythms designed to move the mind as well as the body.

The Manchester based musician spent years as the vocalist and guitarist in a band. In 2016 he made the move to Dance music with his debut ‘The Visitor.’ He explains that he found his sound in electronic music by pulling from his experience in other genres, including Classical. You can hear that level of sophistication in his music.

Qubism’s attention to detail is not only evident in his sound, but also in his schedule. After the completion of “The Visitor,” he says he spent “several years privately experimenting with new sounds.” The result of those experiments is an exciting and unique group of tracks.

The record leads off with the Trance inspired beat of “1982.” However, I hesitate to assign any specific genre to these songs. Qubism deals in the unexpected. He zigs when others zag. His tracks feature surprise fills and changes in rhythm. The spaced out break at 3:30 in the first tune is a great example.

The Deep House groove of “The Hangman” delivers more surprises. At the heart of the song is a very cool and creative synth sound that is as much a component of the beat as it is melody. It also introduces a Sci-Fi vibe that is further reinforced by “Deserted,” which may be my favorite track. With its complex syncopated rhythms and X-Files style synth arpeggios, it sounds like the theme song to a show I want to watch.

At first, the fourth and final track “Monster” sounds like it may be the one traditional EDM track on the record. However, in short order it introduces creative off-time rhythms and psychedelic sounds. I like the way the song pairs classic analog synth sounds with future bass beats.

“Shapes” is a great listen full of unique and thoughtful compositions. Each piece is a journey. This is not just a collection of beats. These are experiments in sound. Check it out on Spotify, and follow the links below to connect with Qubism






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