On The New “Match My Crazy” N2BLÜ Dances All The Way To Therapy

Match My Crazy

We first heard from N2BLÜ in December upon the release of their debut single “Neon Gold.” On that track, the New Orleans based duo introduced their new brand of EDM. The group was born when Louisiana native, and classically trained Pop vocalist, Jonathan Arceneaux met Russian-born Dance music DJ and producer Konstantin Smorodnikov. Their musical passions meshed to form a shared vision and cohesive sound of high energy dance music with an uplifting message.

N2BLÜ is back with the follow-up single, “Match My Crazy.” Once again, the group shines. Konstantin’s keen EDM instincts pair perfectly with Jonathan’s expertly executed Pop hooks. The song wastes no time in hitting the dance floor. After a four-bar piano intro, a thumping kick drum gets the party started. I love production on their tracks. Smorodnikov creates pristinely clean mixes that are packed with groove. Arceneaux’s perfect Disco/Pop vocals remind me of classic 80’s and 90’s dance music, but with a modern twist.

Lyrically, the track tackles some heavy subject matter. However, the guys have a little fun with it too. For example, out of context the line, “I need someone to understand the demands of my demons,” sounds pretty dark. However, it is followed up with a little comedy in lyrics like, “Are you fluent in passive aggression? We could be the perfect match.” Maybe I just have a strange sense of humor. But it is not all my fault. The beat and melody on “Match My Crazy” scream, “Get up and dance!” It’s hard to feel bad in that circumstance.

Arceneaux explains,”This song is about finding the person/people who match your kind of crazy. We all have our issues when it comes to love and relationships and finding the person who gets you can be one of the biggest challenges. Personally, I struggle with depression and anxiety, which is generally stigmatized, unfortunately. “Match My Crazy” is about my struggle with love and relationships, but hopefully a way to help end the stigma against mental health.”

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Listen to “Match My Crazy” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist