Italian Engineered Future Tech From Eggtronic, The New Sirius 65W


In partnership with our friends at Eggtronic, we are giving away the revolutionary Sirius 65W Universal Laptop Charger.

Sirius is the smallest, most efficient, most powerful charger out there. It is over twice as efficient as the standard Apple adapter. The flush design when plugged in to wall sockets saves space and ensures that the charger will stay plugged in.

Eggtronic is based in Modena, Italy. Their chargers run on ‘EcoVoltas’ technology which includes transistors made from gallium nitride, a revolutionary leap forward from old, slow silicon. It is what makes the size and power capacity and efficiency possible. Over 100 international patents went into making it. There is nothing else like it being sold today.

Sirius 65W Universal Laptop Charger
The Sirius 65W, charging the Smith house

The folks at Eggtronic were kind enough to send me one of the Sirius chargers. I love it! We have a ton of USB C devices in our house. We never seem to have enough chargers for them, and the ones we do have take forever to fully charge. The Sirius works twice as fast as any of the manufacturer chargers. Also, it doesn’t get hot! That is probably my favorite feature. Those old chargers waste most of their power as heat energy. The sleekly designed Sirius stays plugged in, stays cool, and charges FAST!

VIDEO – Sirius 65W Universal Laptop Charger in action

Congratulations Tracy Ceddia!

She is the winner of the StaticDive.com/Eggtronic Sirius 65W Giveaway!

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