Marley SKE – His Passion Is Your Best Nightmare

Marley SKE

To say Marley SKE comes from a musical family would be an understatement. He comes from a legitimate Ohio musical dynasty. In addition to his gospel singing mother and aunts, that legacy includes none other than the legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, singer/songwriter and record producer, Bobby Womack. You might say it is in Marley’s blood to make music. However, it almost didn’t happen.

The Cleveland native’s first passion was football. And he was good. Early high school success eventually led him to a college football scholarship. He continued his climb at that level, ultimately winning two bowl games. However, by his sophomore year the family business came calling. He was bitten by the musical bug. By 2015 Marley SKE found his new passion and never looked back to the gridiron.

In the five years since, the Hip-Hop and R&B artist has honed his style and expanded his skills. From his humble early beginnings producing tracks with a laptop and earbud headphones, he has gone on to produce multiple EP’s. He’s been learning the business of music as well, even booking his own tour.

Marley SKE’s latest single is the slow jam “Best Nightmare.” Over a cool mix of a Trap influenced beat and chill instrumentation, the singer moves smoothly between soulful R&B lines and a rapid-fire Hip-Hop flow. He’s got singing chops and rap skills, and both are on full display. The track also features some clever lyrics which tell a real Hip-Hop love story. The refrain is an excellent example with the line, “I’m in your dreams, I can be your best nightmare.”

The artist has big plans for the future. Dedicated to continuing his self-education, Marley is currently studying both piano and guitar. He says the music in his future will delve into other genres and instruments. In the new decade, he says we should expect, “a whole expression of the story of Marley SKE.”

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