Justin Wack’s Clear Minded Soulful Vibe On “Faded”

Justin Wack

Canada’s Justin Wack is a twenty year-old multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer. The Vancouver, B.C. native also happens to be completely blind. However he never let his blindness become an obstacle. In addition to his musical achievements he is also an acclaimed Judo competitor.

Despite his youth, Justin has already experienced significant loss in his life. Both his brother and a close childhood friend died prematurely. His subsequent inescapable realization of the impermanence of life left Justin determined to make a positive influence on the world. He decided to take advantage of the time he was given and fully commit to a career in music.

Justin has been diagnosed with perfect pitch and synesthesia. He says, “When I listen to music, I can visualize it flipping and spinning around, and sometimes it will make my body feel like it is moving in the same way. Most people with synesthesia see colors when music is playing, but I think that because I was born blind and have no concept of it, my brain did things differently.”

“Faded” is Justin’s brand new R&B and Pop infused single. The track is built on a simple piano chord change and a funky Hip-hop beat. However, throughout the song ancillary rhythms and melodies subtly overlap one another on the periphery of the mix. At the heart of the song is Justin’s mellow but soulful vocal. The song tackles the familiar ground of substance abuse among young people.

If the sophisticated composition, smooth production, and excellent performance on “Faded” are any indication, Justin Wack has a long career ahead of him. He has already begun collaborating with other songwriters and artists. It will be exciting to hear what he has in store. Check out “Faded” on Spotify and follow the links below to stay in the loop on everything Justin has planned for the future.

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Justin Wack