Mark P Adler’s Beautifully Complex New “FT X 2”

Mark P Adler

Mark P Adler let’s his music do the talking. For over thirty years, the Flagstaff, Arizona based composer has amassed an impressive catalog of instrumental music. In that time he has stayed out of the limelight and focused on producing the music he loves. Inspired by the natural world, Adler creates ambient scenes that transport the listener into the atmosphere. Mark utilizes the natural beauty that surrounds him to create sacred space, whether it’s long walks in the Grand Canyon or on the beaches in the Caribbean.

Despite the artist’s disinterest in publicity, his music has garnered plenty of attention over the years. For instance, in 2017 selections from his album “Islandia” was up for Grammy consideration. “FT X 2” is Mark’s latest release, and it is further evidence of the composer’s impressive and unique talents.

The nine-piece collection molds a beautiful soundscape of the natural and electronic. Although many ambient composers are content to rely on little more than simple droning synth chord progressions, Mark introduces elements of Jazz, Classical and World music into his compositions. He utilizes organic instrumentation, synthesizers, and even samples from the forest to develop lush and complex arrangements.

Two excellent representations of Adler’s diverse sound are “Amayonder” and “Autumn Village.” The former uses acoustic and electronic percussion and a fretless bass to paint a rhythmic forest scene. The latter is a lush Celtic mood built on a flute and harp duet. Both tracks can be found on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Mark P Adler’s music. Follow the artist on Spotify to stay in the loop on his current and future projects. And get lost in the rich history of his music.



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Hear Mark P Adler on the Deep Indie Chill playlist