The Sunset Radio’s Valentines Day Attack

The Sunset Radio

The Sunset Radio come from a tradition as old as Rock & Roll itself. Music trends come and go. Scenes are born and scenes die. Every few years another city is hailed as the new music Mecca. As these tides rise and fall, one fact remains constant. Somewhere… right now, four young people are gathered in a garage, loudly pouring their hearts into three chords and a catchy melody.

This Yorkshire, UK based group applies that Indie band model to their own brand of earnest and anthemic Rock. Their latest single “Valentines Day” is that entire aesthetic encapsulated in a song. And, although the group comes from Northern England, their sound would be right at home in any townie bar on the New Jersey Shore.

“Valentines Day” is packed with hook-heavy Pop/Punk guitar riffs and is driven by a hard-hitting backbeat rhythm. Lead vocalist Adam Maw sings a familiar narrative around the world’s most loved and hated holiday. The band’s story-telling writing style and uptempo, snare-smacking rock sound bring to mind US East Coast rockers like Springsteen disciples The Gaslight Anthem and The Hold Steady.

The new single is the fourth released by The Sunset Radio. Earlier songs include; “Amphetamines and Soul,” “Flowers,” and “Old Goodbyes.” Now the band is taking their show on the road. They have already appeared at music festivals and other gigs across the UK. They have headlined shows from London to Lancashire and all the way back home to Yorkshire.

With a new year on the calendar the group will continue to tour UK clubs. They have plans to stage their own events as well. Listen to “Valentines Day” here, and follow the links below to connect with The Sunset Radio. Stay in the loop on all of their current and future projects.





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