David Arn Spins A Tale Of A Lost Muse And Dark Moods

David Arn first appeared on these pages in October of last year with the release of his single, “Saint Paul’s Chimes.” That track was a melancholy bit of singer/songwriter Adult Alternative about man reconnecting to a tragic lost love from the past. The song and its corresponding video were cinematic pieces, with David’s literary lyrical style set to a mostly acoustic instrumental track performed by top-notch studio musicians.

The talented songwriter is back with an introspective tale of longing and regret, and a promise of more to come. “Black Dog-The Photographer’s Tale” is the first new single from David’s forthcoming concept album, “Traveler Tales.” Taking a cue from Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales,” the record will be a collection of fourteen songs from fourteen travelers on a common journey. The traveler in question on “Black Dog” is an older photographer reflecting on his favorite model from past shoots.

A downtempo Americana track carries the story forward. The song’s laid back rhythm section rolls along, as a bluesy lead guitar trades licks with some very nice Country-tinged lap steel. The song’s protagonist wears his heart on his sleeve as David reflects with sincerity on a lost muse, and dark moods. Mellow keys and soulful background vocals round out the mood. It is a sadly beautiful song, executed with an understated and tasteful style.

The video features the lovely Kimberly Bowie, a professional model and actress. She appears throughout the film via a series of still photographs taken by Angela Holmyard, an award winning Canadian fashion photographer. All of the nature photography in the piece are provided by David Swift who worked in theater and films before turning his attention to still photography. The single was mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Alex Wharton (McCartney, Radiohead, Pixies) and features the guitar work of Tobias Wilson. Backup singers are Tyra Juliette and Kerri Hardwick.

“Black Dog-The Photographer’s Tale” is available on all major streaming services. Check out the video here and follow the links below to connect with David. Be the first to know when the entire “Traveler Tales” collection is available.




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David Arn