Brick L – Back Good With A New Positive Vibe

Brick L

BRICK L is an artist in the midst of a reinvention. The rapper, formerly known simply as “Brick,” has a new name and an optimistic eye toward the future. His new track BACK GOOD rides on a slow Trap beat. The backing track has an ominous tone, but ultimately delivers a message of positivity and optimism.

About the new song and his new direction, Brick L says, “I have been working on starting fresh with my career and ‘Back Good’ is the debut track explaining my thoughts and process to get where I need to be in life and career. Touching on past trauma, present works, and future successes.”

“Back Good” looks back at some tough times in the songwriter’s past. However, ultimately the song is about the future. Over a low synth bass and broad gothic sound he raps about finding himself as life is, “getting better every minute.” The tune is a mellow meditation on the possibilities of the future.

Check out “Back Good” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist, and follow the links below to connect with the artist. The new single is available on all major streaming services.





Listen to Brick L on the Deep Indie Beat playlist