ENTT Breaks Free With Killer Vocals And Positive Vibes


ENTT (pronounced “entity”) are an Alternative Dance band from London, United Kingdom. The group’s three members came together in 2017. They were united by musical tastes and creative goals. With over fifteen years of the music industry knowledge between them, the trio has combined their experiences and influences into a unique and infectious sound.

The group is heavily influenced by 80’s electronic bands such as Depeche Mode and New Order as well alternative rock bands such as The Cranberries, Arctic Monkeys, The White Stripes and Florence + The Machine. They create a signature sound by marrying analog sounds from classic synthesisers with hard hitting dance and acoustic drum structures. Their Alternative Rock influences shine through through sparing yet potent use of Fender guitars and Peavey Amps cranked to 11.

At the heart of the ENTT sound is the powerful and commanding presence of lead vocalist, Mary Marie. All of these elements shine through on the group’s latest single, BREAK FREE. The track mixes classic Disco, House and Rock elements into an uplifting and booty shaking party. Lyrically the song is in praise of a “perfect lady.” Marie reaches into the stratosphere as she sings, “she drives me crazy but she’s worth it.” The track’s melody and beat are sure to stick to your brain long after the last notes fade. The band describes the song as , “full of feel-good, energetic, happy and romantic emotions.” The description is spot on.

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