Sespool – Waving Goodbye To Old Ghosts Of The Past


Last year Sespool (aka Sean E Sullivan) released his impressive and complex album, (This Love Is) Eternal. You can read all about the record here. Sean is a multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist, singer, rapper and producer. That record was a concept album of sorts. It worked backward in time through a bad failed relationship. Over the course of ten songs the artist chronicled his struggles with love, lust, jealousy and drug use. He let us into his life, unfiltered. Along the way he shifted freely from Hip-Hop to Rock and Pop.

Sean is back with a new vibe for 2020. “Waving Goodbye” is the first single from the new Sespool EP, due later this year. Once again, Sean uses genres as tools to fit the needs of the song. At its heart, this is a Pop ballad. However the instrumental track mixes elements of Trap and Synthwave to reach that distinctive Sespool sound. Although genre-bending is still the artist’s MO, lyrically he has moved on to greener pastures.

The singer acknowledges the dark themes of his earlier work, but does so only to bid them farewell. He sings, “I’ll go Away from the destruction that I crave,” as he waves goodbye to the past. He’s looking toward the horizon, and presumably a new groove. There are a few great lines in the short tune. I particularly like the subtle Poe reference, “And this ghost knows my name, evermore.”

Sespool’s “Waving Goodbye” is a great song, sure to leave fans anxious for the whole EP. Check it out here, and follow the links below to stay int he loop on all of Sespool’s current and future projects.

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