Jxckson’s Sexy and Ominous, “Keep Watching”

Austin, Texas based independent Pop artist, Jxckson has returned with his second single release, KEEP WATCHING. On his previous song “Icarus,” the singer had some fun using mixed metaphors from Greek mythology to tease an ex-lover. We featured the song here back in November. His new track blurs some lines as well. However, this time the vibe is sexy and a little bit ominous.

The “Keep Watching” video sets a scene that is one part Madonna’s “Erotica” and one part “Psycho.” As the singer dances seductively around his house, he is backed by a low and slow beat with a trippy and hypnotic backing track. At first listen, the song appears to be the psychedelic theme song to a sex tape. And it is that, peppered with seductive lyrics like, “I got nothin’ on, but the radio.” However, the video introduces a Hitchcockian element when the artist begins stalking his unwitting guest with a knife.

Jxckson has a knack for simple, catchy and melodic refrains. Even in this mind trip of a tune, he falls into a sing-song “lights, camera, action” chorus that brings the whole thing together. It leaves the listener with a hook on which to hang the dark and sultry imagery of the song and video. From “Icarus” to “Keep Watching” Jxckson shows a broad stylistic range while maintaining his keen Pop instincts.

Check out the video for “Keep Watching” here, and follow the links below to connect with Jxckson.





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