N2BLÜ Delivers A Powerful Hurricane


N2BLÜ returns with their third single titled, HURRICANE. Their previous releases; “Neon Gold” and “Match My Crazy,” introduced us to the group’s unique blend of retro disco, house and modern EDM. Now the Rule of Three establishes a pattern. In the case of N2BLÜ, that pattern is defined by hard-hitting dance beats, classic disco vocals and infectious pop melodies.

Their sound is no accident. Louisiana native, and classically trained Pop vocalist, Jonathan Arceneaux and Russian-born Dance music DJ and producer Konstantin Smorodnikov are the talent behind N2BLÜ. A couple of years ago the duo came together under the guidance of music industry veteran producer Loren Israel (Jimmy Eat World, Plain White T’s, Neon Trees). They worked tirelessly until this signature groove was born.

The image of a “Hurricane” serves double duty on the new single. The lyrics use the violent storm as a metaphor for a tumultuous relationship. Of course the title also serves as an only-slightly-subtle nod to the group’s hometown of New Orleans. The stormy theme and lyrics ebb and flow with the energy of the rhythm. As the tune builds to its third climax, Arceneaux sings, “here it comes, the crack of thunder.” In my mind I see the dance floor of Pat O’Brien’s packed with tourists waving and spilling their tall “Hurricane” glasses in the air, just as the song’s final swell comes on as a tidal wave.

Check out “Hurricane” here, and on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with N2BLÜ.







Hear N2BLÜ on the Deep Indie Beat playlist