Phavors Debut With The Beautiful And Tragic “Petals”


Central New Jersey’s PHAVORS float in on a breeze, like the PETALS of their debut single’s title. The Dreampop/Art Rock/Indie Folk duo say they have, “a passion for pretty, emotional music.” On “Petals,” passion translates to instinct and talent. Philip Marflak is the group’s songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He weaves a lush mix of acoustic and electric instruments, setting a very chill mood. Kayla DeRosa’s gentle vocals hover just above the horizon.

As the track opens, two guitars panned hard left and right are DeRosa’s only accompaniment as she sings a beautiful and slightly macabre song. In a soft and gentle tone she delivers dark lyrics steeped in metaphor and allegory, “Petals fall, one by one… and slowly float to the ground.”

Like so many old nursery rhymes, “Petals” is essentially a tragic tale about loss and impermanence. However, it is told in a sing-song melody and beautiful imagery. The musical arrangement expands at around the :45 mark when a bass, synth and a soft electric guitar enter the mix. From there a slow and steady beat nudges an ever expanding soundscape forward.

Marflak and DeRosa came together when he began teaching her to play guitar. They then recorded some music together for a school assignment. Everything clicked and Phavors was born. The group records and produces all of their music in Marflak’s home studio. The release of “Petals” is our introduction to Phavors, but it is just the beginning. They will be releasing a full EP in March.

Check out “Petals” here and on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Phavors.





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