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Kevin Paczesny is a composer and producer living in Los Angeles, a city he came to by way of Chicago and Phoenix. His new EP, “Shores of Reflection,” is a meditative and emotional instrumental chill-out. A lifelong musician, Kevin began composing electronic music in 2004 while majoring in audio engineering in college.

He worked as a DJ and experimented with different genres of EDM. Now Kevin produces both House and Ambient music. He says he hopes his art conveys his belief that, “meeting great people, discovering beautiful music, being in nature, and having a loving family are some of life’s greatest gifts.”

An Emotional Journey

Kevin’s personal connection to the music is apparent on his new EP. The first three tracks feel like different legs of the same journey. It begins with the lush synth bed, heartbeat drum and distant woodwinds of “Love at First Sight.”

Next, “Shores of Meditation” continues the chill but introduces movement. Despite the ambient mood, the song has a feeling of constant forward motion. “Emotional Dream,” then adds some chaos into the theory. A bit of intentional dissonance gives the song the air of an actual dream, as though there is something unseen in the distance. At the midway point, a Chill-hop beat and a little piano temporarily shift the energy. Eventually the song reclines back into an ambient chill for the completion of his emotional trilogy.

Meeting Great People

The second half of the EP consists of three collaborations with other artists. Kevin worked with Finnish musician and producer Jani R on “Where I Find Myself” and “Winter Lights.” The former seems spacious and airy at first, but it has a deeper core. There is a low rumble and occasional crunch of bass throughout the tune. On the latter of the two songs, Kevin and Jani use lo-fi drums to give it a Trip-hop feel. The track has a cool, percussive vibe.

The sixth and final song is a remix of “Love at First Sight ” by producer Conor Hynes, alias Aleyum. Aleyum introduces some nice organic elements like piano, drums and choral sounds. I really dig the arrangement of this EP. Through the first half we get to know and love Kevin’s style. That familiarity shines a light on the contributions of his collaborators in the second act.

In the end, the two halves of the EP come together as a single, beautiful and complete record. Find your Zen on the “Shores of Reflection.” Listen here, and follow the links below to connect with Kevin Paczesny.





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Shores of Reflection
Kevin Paczesny