RoverBoyz Drop The Excellent “Find Me in My Abandoned Krib”


RoverBoyz Entertainment is a Hip-hop artist collective created by rapper and producer, LALO. His name may sound familiar to regular readers. LALO first appear here at StaticDive.com back in November, upon the release of his solo album “Hunting Wendigos.” That record introduced us to the creative and eclectic style of LALO and the RoverBoyz.

RoverBoyz Style

Their productions mix old-school rap traditions with modern Hip-Hop beats, and occasional flourishes of Rock guitars and song structures. They make it interesting, with clever Pop culture references and unexpected samples. RoverBoyz beats match the known with the unknown and the old with the new. Their songs are just as likely to pull sounds from Scott Joplin as they are George Clinton.

Lyrically LALO and his crew are often grounded in standard Hip-Hop posturing on themes of drugs and women. But they don’t limit themselves. They also get deep, emotional and introspective. Jackson Nuzzaci is a member. We featured his album “Perplexed Fantasy” in December. That record was an excellent example of the introspection and depth these guys is capable of, as Jackson explored themes of sin and redemption.

Find Me in My Abandoned Krib

Both LALO and Nuzzaci are back, and this time they are joined by fellow RoverBoyz; Cel, and Geoevol. They came together for the collective’s first various artists project, titled “Find Me in My Abandoned Krib.” The eight song record continues their creative exploration of Hip-Hop fantasy coupled with the realities of modern life.

After a creepy scene-setting forty second intro, the record opens with “Go.” The tune rides on a trippy backing track featuring a minimalist beat and hypnotic female vocal sample. It’s the first and only time all four of the album’s rappers appear together. Over the next five songs LALO pairs off with other RoverBoyz. Nuzzaci’s signature rasp is front and center on “13 Days.” Both rappers are in great form and drop some really clever rhymes. “Barnum Ave,” is a quick gangsta tale with Cel. The production mixes a Trap beat with some really cool guitar samples. And “Megalodon” manages to pack dozens of creative samples and references into a song that is just under 1:20.

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On “Alabama,” Geoevol and LALO roll through the South in their Rover over a creative beat that plays with tempo and style. “Last Lie” gets a bit deeper as LALO and Nuzzaci team up again for a little self reflection. It gets a dark, with lines like, “I don’t wanna be myself anymore.” But even then, they don’t take themselves too seriously. LALO raps, “I’m trying so hard, I wanna make everyone happy. But if that girl don’t have a tattoo that says ‘Daddy,’ I’m gone.” The record ends with “Ain’t Sweet,” featuring LALO, Cel and Geoevol. It’s a super-creative track built around a flute sample.

LALO and the RoverBoyz team have put together another excellent record. It’s a safe bet that there will be more on the way. Check the record out here, and follow the links below to connect with the artists. Stay in the loop on all of their current and future projects.






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