OIYF – Gajin Wilk And N.E.V.R Drop The Perfect Summertime Jam

Gajin Wilk - OIYF

We first heard from Gajin Wilk back in November, when he dropped the single “Missin You.” You can read all about it here. That song followed his “Selfish” EP, released earlier in 2019. The 26 year old pop artist from San Diego, CA is a talented and busy guy. As a songwriter he has a knack for catchy Indie-Pop songs. His productions mix analog and digital instruments with hook-laden melodies and smooth vocals. For most people, that would be accomplishment enough. However, he is just as impressive in his day job as a Master at Arms, Second Class in the U.S. Navy. He travels the globe with guitar in hand, recording tracks in between assignments.

Gajin is back with new music for 2020. And once again, his considerable Pop music instincts are on full display. The new single “OIYF” is a collaboration with fellow Pop artist, N.E.V.R. On the track, the duo treat us to a perfect summertime jam. Here in the Northeast it is still cold outside, but not for long. As soon as I cued up “OIYF” I felt like I was chillin’ in the San Diego sun. The song’s breezy beat and simple, clean guitar chord progression create an immediately familiar and memorable sound.

Lyrically, OIYF is basically girl-watching watching song. Through the verse I can imagine the two men sitting by the beach, discussing their relationship problems. And they comment on bikini-clad young women as they walk by. By the time the chorus comes around Gajin reaches the realization that these girls, “only love you if you’re famous.” Hence the “OIYF” title. It is a fun and funny narrative, even if it not so much for the guys telling the story. And that melody will stick with you long after the music fades.

“OIYF” is a great Pop song, and it is just the beginning of Gajin Wilk’s plans for the new year. Check the song out here and follow the links below to connect with the artist. Stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects.





Hear “OIYF” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist