OTL’s Authentic Classic Alt-Rock “Walk In Like DeNiro”

Walk in Like Deniro

When you first hear the band On Tracy Lane (OTL), you’ll think they sound like some great early 2000’s Alternative Rock group who you are just now discovering. There is a good reason for that. It’s because that’s exactly who they are. Darryn Yates formed OTL in 2005 while he was living in Los Angeles. The band enjoyed some impressive successes in those early years. They opened for several national acts including Avril Lavigne, Butch Walker, Phantom Planet, American Hi-Fi, Local H, and Steve Ewing & The Urge. They entertained the troops overseas and even had a legitimate television celebrity (actress Lacey Chabert) star in one of their videos.

Eventually, after riding the periphery of rock stardom, Darryn settled down with a nine-to-five job. Until, the music came calling. You can read more about Darryn’s road back to the stage, here in an article I wrote about his song “Back to Maybe.” But in a nutshell, OTL is back. The band plans to put out new material in 2020 as well as re-releases of their best earlier material. Their single “Walk In Like DeNiro” is an example of the latter. And, it is an excellent introduction to the band’s sound.

“Walk in Like DeNiro” is a classic Alt-Rock love/break-up ballad. The track opens with a really cool, percussive instrumental guitar and drum groove. The song then gives way to a catchy Pop/Punk power chord verse as Darryn tells a familiar tale of confused young love. That great beat from the intro returns as the chorus refrain. With vocals added, the song takes on an almost U2-esque vibe. That’s never a bad thing. The female background singer is a nice touch, too. There are some great lyrics here. The best line is the one the song takes its title from, “Walk in like DeNiro and leave like Brando.” Great stuff.

Check out, “Walk in Like DeNiro” on Spotify, and watch the band’s original 2006 video for the song, below. OTL has a lot planned for 2020. Follow the links below to connect with them and stay in the know.

“Walk in Like DeNiro” video, circa 2006







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