Whiskey N Honey – Dar.Ra’s Powerful New Rock Anthem

Whiskey n Honey

If Dar.Ra’s name sounds familiar, it may be because he has appeared here before at StaticDive.com. The prolific artist has large catalogue of modern rock releases, including his 2019 album, “New Kinda Normal.” He has established himself with a unique sound, mixing a Classic Rock mindset with modern Electronic and Pop production techniques. It is a style he calls, “Rock Step.” Big guitars and anthemic vocals are paired with Dub bass drops and fat EDM beats.

The singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist producer’s signature style is well represented on the new single, “Whiskey N Honey.” Dar explains that the song is “a soulful gothic balled and tells a tale of a guy that gives up his life in pursuit of a neon fantasy.” The first person narrative follows the protagonists story through self-doubt and disillusionment. The lyrics are delivered in a powerful Arena Rock howl.

The dark downtempo tune rides on a slow and funky beat featuring some really nice Stewart Copeland style drums. The heavy backing track is built on big synths and power chords. Inspired guitar playing flavors the entire track

“Whiskey N Honey” is the first single from this Irish rocker’s new EP of the same name. The record also features two other versions of the song including “The Lights Dark Night Remix” and the “Neon Fantasy” remix. You can check the Original track out here. And follow the links below to connect with Dar.Ra. Stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects.

Whiskey n Honey is now available on Youtube





Dar.Ra - Whiskey n Honey