1-2-3 – Temperature Falls’ Cool New Trip-Hop Mood

Temperature Falls, 1-2-3

Temperature Falls released their debut album last summer. Since then, they have been building their sophomore offering, one single at a time. They are a Trip-Hop/Alternative Rock duo from Oslo, Norway. Through a series of chill-out experimental releases, they have established themselves as a fresh and exciting new voice in Trip-Hop. Their unique sound is the product of a rich collaboration between vocalist and lyricist Camilla, and the multi-instrumentalist composer and producer Ian J. Ward.

Trip-Hop is a distinct musical genre that lands somewhere in the world of Electronic music. But it is defined as much by its organic elements as any other. The style originated in the 1990’s with groundbreaking artists like Tricky and Portishead. Temperature Falls follows in many of the traditions of the style, with downtempo and psychedelic grooves. Their sound sometimes hints at influences like Massive Attack and Bjork. However, they always bring their own spin to the genre, thanks to a subtle but persistent Alt-Rock lean.

“1-2-3” is Temperature Falls’ new single, and one of my favorites so far from the talented pair. The track opens with a cool percussive intro. From there, the groove opens up to a reverb-soaked psychedelic mood. Camilla’s signature ethereal vocal floats like a melodic cloud throughout the tune. The organic sound of a crunchy, funky electric bass guitar holds the groove down as it rides along the trippy beat. The song’s dream-like state is definitely a mood. I love the break at around the two minute mark when Ward introduces a melodic and percussive keyboard. As the track ends, Camilla’s beautiful vocal fades into the distance.

2020 has already been an exciting year for Temperature Falls, with three new single releases and promise of more to come. Check out “1-2-3” on Spotify and follow the links below to connect with the band.






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