Oscar IV Slow Jams The Space Between On The New Sesh Playlizt Vol. 1

Oscar IV

We first heard from Oscar IV back in November, upon the release of his debut EP, “Reflection, Sincerely.” I loved it. On that record Oscar combined elements of old-school Hip-Hop, Trap and Chill-Hop. His laid back style reminded me of stoner Hip-Hop legends like Q-Tip and De La Soul. His cool self-confidence came through on every track, from a positive yet realistic point of view.

The Rhode Island based rapper is back with his first full-length record, “Sesh Playlizt Vol. 1.” Oscar’s genre-fluid style is in full effect on the album. Over hybrid beats and trippy backing tracks he tells the stories of his life, past and present. He has a knack for weaving his own uplifting and motivational philosophy into cool slow grooves about love and life. The first single, “The Space Between, Pt. 1” is an excellent example. Oscar’s fluid style shines as he drops some knowledge and a bit of romance.

On the surface the song sounds like an R&B slow jam love song. And it is. But there is a lot more going on as well. Oscar ties cool Chill-Hop keys into a laid back Hip-Hop beat. Over the chorus he sings of his devotion to his one true girl. In the verse he raps on the same subject, but throws in a little motivation with lines like “they’d rather sit in a cubicle, open your eyes there’s so much you can do.” He makes it clear that he’s got his, but you can go get yours too.

You can check out “The Space Between, Pt. 1” right here. And go to Oscar IV’s Spotify profile for the entire “Sesh Playlizt Vol. 1.” album. Follow the links below to connect with the artist. Stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects.





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