By Small Ruin Declares, “All is Well”

By Small Ruin

By Small Ruin is a band from the legendary Alternative Rock music mecca, Athens, GA. The project is the brainchild of singer/songwriter and front man, Bryan Mullis. The band’s moniker is actually an anagram of Mullis’ own name.

The talented artist started his journey as a mischievous teenager. After high school he dropped out of college and traveled across the United States, busking on city streets to earn his keep. From those humble beginnings he went on to share the stage with artists like DAWES, WILD and Briston Maroney.

It wasn’t an easy road. Along the way he dealt with personal hardships which included a devastating and life-threatening car accident for his brother, and his own personal survival of a violent mugging and fight in a convenience store. BSR exorcises these and other demons in their music. The band’s new single is a testament to Mullis’ perseverance.

“All is Well” is a song for right now. It is a declaration of fortitude in the face of adversity. No sentiment could be more relevant as the entire world is suffering under the thumb of COVID-19. Bryan sings, “Down but not defeated, we’re not through. I’m not staying seated, how about you?” In our current context, the lyrics read like a call to unity and strength.

Musically the track is a cool combination of Lo-Fi aesthetic and hi-gloss production. For instance, there are barely any effects on the instruments. The track has a beautiful room-sound with minimal or no reverb or delay on the guitars, drums, or vocals. However, the recording quality is pristine, and Mullis’ voice is tailor made for Top 40 radio. It is a great sound.

Check out “All is Well” here, and follow the link below to connect with By Small Ruin. Stay in the loop on all of the band’s current and future projects.







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