The Boy From The South’s Beautiful “Home Sweet Home”

The Boy From the South

The Boy From the South is a new London-based singer and songwriter. His debut single “Home Sweet Home” has already racked up some impressive streaming numbers. Originally from Barcelona Spain, The Boy from the South is now recording an EP with Foals producer, Brett Shaw. The artist describes the record as, “honest music with personality.” If the first single is any indication of what’s to come, then the description is spot-on.

The track opens with sounds familiar to any traveler, those of an echoing train station terminal. It sets just the right mood for this lonely road song. A soulful finger picked acoustic guitar lives at the center of “Home Sweet Home.” The only other accompaniment is a synth bed, along with a nice slap-back reverb hand-clap, later in the song.

The simple but elegant arrangement leaves plenty of breathing room for the singer’s soft and emotional tenor. Through symbolism and raw energy he delivers the song as a quiet, yet simmering pleading for home. The understated vocal explodes with energy, “I’ll shine a light to the sky, with fiiiire!” It is a great moment, and a real emotional peak in an already emotional song.

“Home Sweet Home” is an exciting introduction to a bright new talent. With an EP in the works, it is a safe bet that we will be hearing more from The Boy from the South,” very soon.

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